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Biogas Forum-AGM-Tour 
        Ottawa, March 26-28, 2013

The Biogas Association is proud to present a comprehensive program this year that meets the needs of operators with existing systems that are striving to learn more and optimize their systems, and engage new potential developers. The 2013 Biogas Association Forum • AGM • Tour will bring together members, invite the participation of non-members, and will help expand the industry. The program will focus on timely and informative topics related to biogas, and engaging speakers. There will also be an opportunity for great networking among peers and industry representatives.

Prices are as follows:
Forum • AGM – March 26, 2013: $100
Forum • AGM.Tour – March 27, 2013: $150

The Forum • AGM venue is Strathmere, located at 1980 Phelan Rd. W., North Gower, Ontario

To book a room, call 1 (800) 495-6649. Space is limited, so early booking is highly recommended


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The Biogas Association Forum and AGM Dinner Speaker is Jacques Laforge.

Jacques LaForge is a driving force in the dairy industry and an innovator in farming operations that has worked untiringly to promote and advance farming. In February 2012, he was appointed CEO of the Canadian Dairy Commission which is a federal crown corporation overseeing the Canadian dairy industry.

Mr. LaForge and his wife Patsy operate a 1,000-acre mixed farming operation in Saint-André near Grand Falls. In his pursuit of better, more sustainable farming practices, Mr. LaForge formed a company with his son Rock and his daughter Louise named Laforge Bioenvironmental Inc. This company built an Anaerobic Digester which has been operating since 2010. This operation produces electricity for his farm and for New Brunswick’s power grid, and also provides valuable liquid organic fertilizer for the local agricultural sector.

Throughout his farming career, he has been involved in making his industry better. He has served the NB Milk Marketing Board as its vice-chairman and most recently as its chairman from 1995 to 2000. He also served on the board of the Dairy Farmers of Canada since the 1980s. He became an executive member in 1999 and in 2004 was named its president, a position he held until July 2011.

Mr. LaForge has a passion to explore new market opportunities and is committed to finding the latest techniques and technologies to make farming more efficient and more productive. In 2011 Jacques LaForge received the Order of New Brunswick.


Biogas Forum & AGM Program

DAY 1  

Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2013  |  Location: Strathmere, 1980 Phelan Road West, North Gower, Ontario (near Ottawa)

  Objective Speaker/Tended By Time
Registration Sign in and networking with attendees All 12:30 - 1:00pm
Welcome & Introductions Bring together guests, highlight agenda, acknowledge sponsors, special opening remarks Opening Remarks 1:00 - 1:20pm
Operators Forum Discuss experiences in operating biogas systems with emphasis from both a farm operator and supplier perspective. Panelists will consist of farmers operating biogas systems to share their views. Participation will be encouraged from the audience bringing forth industry insight to the open forum. Panel (invited)
• George Heinzle (Terryland Farms)
• Carl Frook (Marl Creek Renewables)
• Shane Mowat (Jockvalley Farms)
• Korb Whale (Clovermead Farms)
Moderator - Lois Corbett
1:20 - 2:30pm
Break Network with attendees All 2:30 - 3:00pm
New Markets Forum (concurrent sessions)


Discuss alternative uses and applications for biogas (heat, digestate, fertilizer) through case studies and sharing of current experiences. Panel (invited)
• Clarence VanStaalduinen (Bayview Flowers)
• Mark Donnan (Donnandale Farms)
• Dennis Dick (Seacliff Energy)
Moderator - Deborah Whale
3:00 - 4:15pm
Discuss existing and evolving opportunities for gas markets, including electricity, gas (RNG), and vehicles. Speakers with expertise in these areas will start the dialogue followed by an open discussion with
the audience.
Speakers (invited)
• Kelly Kingsley (HONI)
• Paul Cheliak (CGA)
• Alicia Milner (CNGVA)
Moderator - Eric Camirand (AQPER)
Break Network with attendees All 4:15 - 4:30pm
AGM Year in Review, Financial Reports, Election Chair 4:30 - 5:30pm
Dinner Speaker Hear an engaging and relevant speaker Speaker - Jacques Laforge 5:30 - 6:30pm
Dinner     6:30 - 7:30pm
Networking Session Mix and mingle All 7:30 - 9:00pm



Biogas Tour Itinerary


DAY 2 – transportation provided 

Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2013  |  Location: Eastern Ontario Region (St. Eugene to Ottawa)


  Host Sites/Owner
Pinehedge Farms Pinehedge Farms – Josef Heinzle
Pinehedge Farms is a dairy farm with its own dairy production plant producing organic yogurt, kefir and sour cream. The farm's dairy cows are fed by the farm's organic crops, which include hay, corn, soy and barley. Manure from the dairy cows as well as fats, oils and grease are fed into the anaerobic digester (AD), which was installed in 2007 with the help from Keller Engineering, CH-Four Biogas Inc, ANF Energy Solutions and 35 other professionals. The 500m3 AD is connected to a 99kW custom designed Martin Machinery generator.
Carleton Corner Farms Carleton Corner Farms – Brian Burnett
Carleton Corner Farms is a dairy operation with 550 head of dairy cattle, including milking cows. The farm includes 1,300 acres planted to corn, soy, alfalfa and wheat. Carleton Corner Farms constructed a biogas system comprised of two 1,500m3 anaerobic digesters involving PlanET Biogas which collects biogas to fuel a 500kW MWM generator.
Jockvalley Farms Jockvalley Farms – Shane Mowat
Jockvalley Farms is a family farm comprised primarily of dairy and cash crop. Adding a 1500m3 anaerobic digester was a decision made for economic reasons as well as for sustainable agriculture. Biogas fuels a 500kW MWM generator, with the electricity produced supplying the grid and the recovered heat supporting the biogas plant and farm. The development of the biogas plant is comprised from many different sources within the industry, numerous local trades aided in the completion of this project.


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