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Inside Omex Canada’s plantOmex has been in business for nearly 40 years, operates in over 60 countries, and has manufacturing sites in the UK, US and Canada. It provides specialty nutrients branded as Omex Trace Element Additives (TEAs). The company says it can boost biogas production because Omex TEA products are specifically formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of an existing microbial population in an anaerobic digester. The microbial population is analysed for requirements and a specific TEA is recommended.

Take the case of beer brewing. There is usually an excess of some nutrients, and a shortage of certain minerals and trace elements required in minute quantities but critical to the proper function of the microorganisms. In 2007, Omex provided analytical services to the Heineken Spain brewery when its digesters did not work as well as expected. A nutrient profile was created, the plant performance examined, and a nine-micronutrient mix was developed. Over a five-month trial period, biogas production per kilogram of chemical oxygen demand (COD) removed increased by 13%. Suspended solids dropped by about 16%, and digester stability improved markedly.






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Biogas System Operators Survey.

The Biogas Association is part of a team delivering a survey to farm-based biogas system operators. The purpose of the survey is to quantify the amount of nitrogen that is reduced by biogas systems, and contribute to research being conducted by the University of Guelph. Please watch for the survey, and help the sector by taking the time to complete the answers. 

Biogas Momentum in Nova Scotia

The Biogas Association gathered biogas stakeholders in Nova Scotia to discuss the state of the industry and top issues, learn from the development path in Ontario, and determine next steps.


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FIT Price Update

2014 FIT prices were posted online September 30, and include changes of less than 1 cent per kWh for most biogas types, but a significant price increase for landfill gas.

Newfoundland Launches Biogas Pilot Program.

As part of a plan to diversify the electricity supply mix with renewable sources of energy, Newfoundland Ministry of Natural Resources Derrick Dalley announced in September the creation of pilot program to include biogas.

US Biogas Opportunities Roadmap released in August.

The Biogas Roadmap, is a cross‐agency collaboration that outlines strategies to overcome barriers limiting further expansion and development of a robust biogas industry in the US.

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October 4, 2014, Ontario and Alberta

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October 13, 14, 2014, Minneapolis, Minn.

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October 28, 2014, Baltimore, Maryland

Canadian Waste to Resource Conference

Toronto, November 19, 20, 2014

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Dec 1-3, 2014, Vancouver

Pollutec: Biogas, A Booming Market

December 2-5, 2014, Lyon, France

Value of Biogas

March 25, 2015, Hamilton, Ontario.


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