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Team Biogas, a division of Seahold LLC, is a company whose mission is to realize the renewable fuel value of organics, and links innovations in research, equipment and technology with anaerobic digestion system operators.

Team Biogas, located in Perris, California, supports biogas instrumentation from lab scale to production scale and has been providing products and services across North America since 2009.

“We provide expertise for new researchers looking for improved accuracy and measurement,” says Tom Hintz, CEO.  “This includes sourcing new and used equipment for lab testing, and tapping our extensive testing network for biomass feedstock and materials.”






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City of London Investigates RNG

The City of London is working with the Canadian Biogas Association and Union Gas, with support from the Canadian Federation of Municipalities, to help investigate RNG options from source separated organics (SSO). The association sent a request for information (RFI) to several technology suppliers, which will help City of London investigate options as part of its environmental assessment process.

Successful BC Event

The Canadian Biogas Association’s first event in BC was a success, with about 100 participants over two days in Abbotsford. We look forward to working with stakeholders to expand biogas and RNG in BC in the coming months, and look forward to a bigger event in 2017!

FIT4 Updates – Biogas Growth

There continues to be a strong interest in developing biogas projects as reflected in a total of 50 biogas applications submitted to the IESO FIT4 Procurement in October, 2015.  The IESO is currently reviewing 48 biogas applications (totaling 11MW) for completeness and eligibility.  The complete FIT 4 application summary  is available on the FIT website.

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City of London, GTI, and Stormfisher Environmental Ltd.


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GHG Emissions and the Ontario Waste Management Industry

The OWMA has published a report that summarizes the most significant connections between Ontario’s waste management industry and the province’s
greenhouse gas emissions, and identifies and explores the challenges and opportunities that the pending GHG cap-and-trade system presents to the industry.

Waste-Free Ontario Framework

The Ontario MOECC proposed Bill 151, the Waste-Free Ontario Act and Draft Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario: Building the Circular Economy in Nov, 2015. All related documents are posted to the Environmental Registry for public comment until February 25, 2016.

Harvest Power Sells 6 MW Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Plant in Ontario

StormFisher Environmental has acquired the London Energy Garden, an anaerobic digester which processes organic waste from southwestern Ontario into biogas and natural fertilisers, from Harvest Ontario Partners – a part of Waltham, Massachusetts based AD developer, Harvest Power.

US Biogas Opportunities Roadmap Progress Update

In support of the US Climate Action Plan, the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture have jointly released the Biogas Opportunities Roadmap Report. This report is an update of the federal government’s progress to reduce methane emissions through biogas systems in the time since the Biogas Opportunities Roadmap was published by the three agencies in August 2014.

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2016 Value of Biogas

March 22-23, 2016, Toronto

Biocycle West Coast 16

April 4-7, San Diego, CA

SWANA Landfill Gas & Biogas Symposium

April 4-7, Charleston, SC

ReThink Methane Symposium

June 2-2, Sacramento, CA

International Bioenergy Conference: Partnerships for Innovation

June 15-17, Prince George, BC

Waste Conversion Technology Conference & Trade Show

August 17-19, San Diego, CA


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