2G Cenergy

2G Cenergy’s Mike Brown sees promise and growth in Canada’s biogas industry. Between favourable energy policies in some markets, and the emergence of organic diversion policies in several jurisdictions, biogas production is set to increase, he predicts.

In 2009, CEO and President Michael Turwitt founded 2G Cenergy Power Systems Technologies Inc. and formed a joint-venture with German counterparts, 2G Bio-Energietechnik AG. At the company’s 60,000 sq ft facilities in St-Augustine, Florida, 2G Cenergy manufactures modularized, connection-ready CHP systems, which now account for 40% of all new biogas systems sold in the US and Canada. The company has sold over 4,000 CHP systems internationally.





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Organic Materials Primer

The Biogas Association’s Organic Materials Primer for Biogas is now complete. The Primer was developed with funding support from Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Primer is a research initiative designed to build expertise and capacity within the Biogas Association in the area of organics diversion.

Strategic Planning – Mapping Our Future Priorities

The Biogas Association staff and Board of Directors conduct strategic planning each year. In 2014, this work is expanding to consider some key areas of focus in depth. To help plan, the next year, three years, and five years, the Biogas Association is hosting four industry meetings in May and June, 2014 on the following topics as they relate to biogas:

  • Access to Organic Materials
  • Agriculture and Innovation
  • Energy Production
  • Municipal Engagement

This will inform decisions at a special strategic planning session in June, 2014.
The Biogas Association’s strategic planning process is supported by Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

RNG as a Vehicle Fuel

The Biogas Association’s RNG as a Vehicle Fuel project is gaining momentum. There has been media coverage in Biomass Magazine, and in March, Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST) and the Biogas Association created the RNG Working Group. It is made up of municipalities, utilities and consultants interested in developing RNG. The group is working to create communications tools and bring awareness of the benefits of RNG as a vehicle fuel. RNG will have high profile at the QUEST conference in December in Vancouver.

There has been interest in this topic from a number of municipalities including City of Guelph, Town of East Gwilimbury and City of London. The RNG as a Vehicle Fuel project is supported by Bio-en Power, Union Gas, Stonecrest Engineering, Dairy Farmers of Canada, and Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.


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FortisBC seeks energy innovators to grow BC's biogas supply

FortisBC is seeking expressions of interest from potential biomethane suppliers for its renewable natural gas program. The call for applicants will help the Canadian province grow its supply of this renewable and carbon neutral energy source. The company is seeking interest from suppliers for an additional supply of up to one petajoule, or enough natural gas to provide heat and hot water for approximately 10,000 homes annually. ‘Demand from our renewable natural gas customers has resulted in the need for further biogas supply in our system,’ says Doug Stout, VP of energy solutions and external relations.

Renewable education in Ontario now includes biogas

TREC Education is a charitable organization that educates students about renewable energy and energy conservation. A new grade seven workshop called “Digest This!” has been hitting schools in the Toronto area. Students discover how the digestion of organic materials can be used as a reliable form of renewable energy, and how bio-digesters have the potential to reduce our impact on the environment. Students construct a simple stomach to determine the factors needed to improve digestion, and then investigate the effect of micro-organisms in breaking down materials using common household materials. The Zooshare digester at the Toronto Zoo is also part of the curriculum.

Digester Unveiled at Ottawa Museum

A machine designed and manufactured by the Saskatchewan Research Council called a biodigester, which converts animal waste into energy, is the newest addition to the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa.“SRC is incredibly pleased to provide this innovative technology to CAFM,” SRC president Laurier Schramm said in a news release. “This biodigester demonstrates our sustainability efforts, while at the same time strengthening SRC’s position as a leading research and technology provider allied with visionary local, national and international collaborators.

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RNG as Vehicle Fuel Webinar

The Biogas Association and Union Gas are delivering a webinar hosted by the Clean Air Partnership to raise awareness of RNG as a Vehicle Fuel on June 18th, 2014 at 2 pm EST. Registration is free of charge.

Green Doors Open

October 4, 2014, across Ontario – consider including your facility in this event by hosting a tour. Promotion is carried out by OSEA

QUEST Conference

This year’s conference is Dec 1-3, 2014 in Vancouver, and biogas will be on the agenda. Currently QUEST is issuing a call for abstracts.


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