Greenholm Farms

Greenholm Farms is a family dairy farm, milking 190 cows with an additional 750 acres of feed and cash crops. The farm is operated by father-son team, Gord and Dave Green, following generations before them – the Green family has been in farming since 1843. The Greens worked with PlanET Biogas Solutions to install a 2,077m3 digester system and produce 250kW of energy. Greenholm Farms is part of the Biogas Association tour on April 4th during the Building Biogas Knowledge Events.





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Organic Materials Primer

The Biogas Association’s Organic Materials Primer for Biogas is now complete and will be published online for free download soon. The Primer was developed with funding support from Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Primer is a research initiative designed to build expertise and capacity within the Biogas Association in the area of organics diversion.

Emissions Reductions through Biogas Production

The Biogas Association assisted Environment Canada in designing a questionnaire that will be used to collect activity data on energy production, animal waste, off-farm co-digestion products used in digesters, and agricultural parameters that impact air emissions. Responses from all farm-based biogas systems in Canada will be sought in 2014.

Strategic Planning – Mapping Our Future Priorities

The Biogas Association staff and Board of Directors conduct strategic planning each year. In 2014, this work is expanding to consider some key areas of focus in depth. To help plan, the next year, three years, and five years, the Biogas Association is hosting four industry meetings in May and June, 2014 on the following topics as they relate to biogas:

  • Access to Organic Materials
  • Agriculture and Innovation
  • Energy Production
  • Municipal Engagement

This will inform decisions at a special strategic planning session in October, 2014.

RNG as a Vehicle Fuel

The Biogas Association continues to spread the word about renewable natural gas (RNG) as a vehicle fuel, actively developing the business and sustainability case and marketing the findings to a range of potential customers. See the RNG as Vehicle Fuel Project page for details.


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New RNG Funding Support

In a major development, the Canadian Gas Association and Sustainable Development Technology Canada announced the creation of the SD Natural Gas Fund™. The new fund supports the development and demonstration of new downstream natural gas technology, including technology related to the development of renewable natural gas. The fund was created with a $15 million contribution over three years from the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) that is matched through SDTC’s SD Tech Fund™.

Food Waste Management Solutions Workshop

The Biogas Association participated in the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food’s one-day workshop on March 6th to promote environmentally sustainable solutions for the handling and re-use of unavoidable waste materials of Ontario’s food and beverage industries. The workshop explored best management practices, and tried to forge partnerships to address challenges and develop opportunities.

Large Renewable Procurement

On March 14, the OPA published a report on their website outlining their recommendations to the Minister of Energy for the Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) Process.

In preparation for the Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) program, the draft Request for Qualifications (LRP I RFQ) has been posted for review and comment on the LRP web page.
The draft LRP I RFQ reflects the policy direction outlined in the March 31, 2014 Minister’s Direction, the LRP Final Recommendations Report submitted by the OPA to the Minister of Energy on February 28, 2014, as well as the feedback received during the OPA’s extensive stakeholder engagement activities conducted to date on the LRP. Comments and feedback on the draft LRP I RFQ can be provided via email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) using the feedback form posted on the LRP web site, on or before May 2, 2014.
The OPA has also posted an updated procurement schedule, as well as LRP-specific transmission availability tables (TAT tables) that identify specific circuits and transmission stations in the province where capacity for potential large renewable projects may be available.

Upcoming Webinar Notification

To discuss the draft LRP I RFQ and TAT tables, the OPA will host a two-part webinar on April 15, 2014. The first segment will focus on the draft LRP I RFQ and answer questions on the draft requirements, and the second segment will discuss the preliminary available LRP capacity/TAT tables and answer capacity and connection-related questions. More information is available at www.powerauthority.on.ca/lrp.

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Building Biogas Knowledge Events –– April 3-4, 2014

Check out the impressive line-up of speakers at the Biogas Association’s 2014 Building Biogas Knowledge Workshop and Tours. View the complete agenda and speakers, including two streams of workshops. The comprehensive, new program this year is the must-attend event for potential biogas developers, and will help operators with existing systems that are striving to learn more and optimize their systems. The workshops are on April 3rd at the Guelph Holiday Inn, and the tours are April 4th at the following farms in the Guelph area: Greenholm, Clovermead, Koskamp, and Delft Blue Veal.

All Energy Conference

Toronto, Ontario – April 9-10, 2014
Biogas Association Chair John Hawkes is moderating a panel on biogas at this conference, which focuses on all renewable energy sources, hosted by OSEA

Environment and Cleantech Business and Policy Forum

Toronto, April 23, 2014, hosted by ONEIA. Ontario’s leading environment and cleantech firms will attend to share their stories, connect with investors and financial service providers, discuss their challenges with government policy makers and network with each other.


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